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Appeal of the Russian Academy of Sciences Presidium members, academician A.P.Alexandrov, academician K.V.Frolov, academician A.M.Prochorov to the President of the Russian Federation B.N.Yeltsin

The President of
the Russian Federation

Dear Boris Nikolaevich!

In accordance with the prospects of defense strategy and national security of the country development, stipulated in the Governmental Resolutions of 1986 and in the Order-Resolution of the Ministry of General Engineering and Academy of Sciences of the USSR of 16th January 1986 .Nb 18/012, Peter L.Korotkevich has put forward and scientifically proved the new concept of elaboration and creation of nuclear strategic armaments of ground, sea and space stationing with counteraction to damaging factors and impeding the anti-missile defense of the possible enemy.

The creation of the complicated systems is based on fundamental scientific and applied researches of the USSR Academy of Sciences, which are the assets of the state in the field of mathematics, physics, electronics, cybernetics and computer engineering, science of materials, chemical physics. The new structure of interaction of abovementioned work basic performers is defined and the new beginning of fundamental scientific-research work and new technology, acquired as a result of integration of science and production, is indicated.

As the basis of this concept, theoretical and methodical grounds were developed of fundamental development activities on creation of control, executive, monitoring systems and system of disaster protection of energy-impellent and onboard energy emplacements with introduction of control of physical parameters of jet-space complexes.

Within the developed concept framework, fundamental scientific-research and experimental work was start on creation of proof against damaging factors control systems on optoelectronic and electronic-optical principles of hardware implementation, including basic processors with large memory, semiconductor lasers with reforming frequency, recorder and readout device in large spectral range, optoelectronic data converters, means of coupling, fiber-optic systems of data collection and transition, optoelectronic and laser devices for database forming, project execution and also radiation-resistant materials with optic characteristics for work in the extreme conditions.

Practical realization of risen problems will allow speeding up the creation and execution of perspective kinds of strategic defense objects, to improve their execution and reliability of basic parameters, to reduce the quantity of tested engines and energy-impellent emplacements, improve their quality, reliability and create their modifications of multiphase usage.

 For realization of the set tasks the complex program and basic plan were developed and approved of, the Governmental Resolution was prepared and approved of, also it was approved by the USSR National Military-Industrial Commission, the USSR Academy of Sciences, the USSR Defense Ministry, State Committees of the USSR, ministries and departments of the USSR.

We ask You, Boris Nikolaevich, taking into account academician Peter L.Korotkevich contribution into solving tasks of governmental importance, his knowledge and great managerial abilities, to engage Peter L.Korotkevich into solving of prior for our country at present time tasks.

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