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A glance in the future — prospects and relations

President of «Continent USA» media
Edvard Lozansky

- Peter Leonidovich! What do You think about prospects of development of U.S.-Russian relations in the new XXI century, before the Ninth Annual Meeting of the Members and Board of the U.S.-Russian Business Council, which will take place on the 4-5 of October in Washington?

- The beginning of the third millennium and the new XXI century may be characterized as the beginning of forming of fundamentally new model of development of world global geopolitical system, which means establishment of new international and interstate relations, change of forces and resources balance and the creation of new terms of the world community development.
2000 elections and election of V.Putin to the post of the President of the Russian Federation and 2001 elections and election George Bush to the post of the President of USA predict new stages of development of political, economic, finance and military relations of two great nations.
Positive tendencies in the U.S.-Russia relations have become possible because of the firm position of the President of USA George Bush Jr. and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the Joint Statement made in Genoa on 22nd July 2001 about attracting of U.S. and Russian business community to elaboration of suggestions illustrates it.
In connection with preparation of materials to the Ninth Annual Meeting of the Members and Board of Directors of the Council with the theme of meeting "Russia in global economy: status and projects" and to the future negotiations on the top level between the Presidents of USA and Russia George Bush Jr. and Vladimir Putin it seems to me as a necessary point to discuss the following suggestions, which can assist in the improving of the economic situation both in USA and in Russia on the mutually profitable bilateral long-term basis.
In USA it will allow:
- to turn from decrease towards increase of production growth rate and productive forces;
- to increase export into Russia of a wide range of technical products, technological equipment, production processing complexes, etc.
In USA this steps will lead to an increase of Gross Domestic Product, stabilization at the finance and stock markets, growth of dollar rate towards euro and also they can become a guarantee of stability of economy. USA can become Russia's basic trade partner and increase the turnover of the companies which production and/or services is manufactured on the territory of USA or not but are launched to the market under the USA mark.
Increase of the USA export in Russia will not cause any objections because, first, such equipment and such machine-building kinds of production have not been manufactured in Russia earlier and still are not - it follows that it will not be any competition there, and second, out-of-date by 60-80% in Russia production facilities do require an urgent substitute and otherwise easily can be the reason of decrease of production in fuel and energy, metallurgical, chemical etc. industries quite soon with all the consequences undesirable to Russia.
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